Certus+ Labs: Bringing in the Human Aspect in DevOps

CIO Vendor With giant leaps in technology, organisations can no longer risk compromising on quality while responding to the demands of faster time to market. Siloed approach of the various departments only stands as a barrier during such demanding times. This is where DevOps comes into the picture, bringing in proven advantages of shorter development cycles,improved communication and collaboration, enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs and more. However, organizations are complex entities,structured differently with their unique set of requirements and internal protocols and competencies in DevOps cannot be built overnight.

After making an impressive mark in the DevOps market of the US, Certus+ Labs headed towards India, after identifying the lack of expertise in this domain in the country. The end-to-end solution provider assists businesses right from ideation all the way to execution and implementation and focuses on making a positive impact. Building up on the belief that DevOps is not a process rather a state of mind, Certus+ Labs does not just aid businesses with technology but moulds human psychology and organisation culture to enable easy adoption of advanced technology. This is precisely what differentiates the firm - adding the people aspect in DevOps. “We do not consider our work done until the client organisation truly witnesses multiple growth and tangible manageable business benefits,” shares Sandeep Sidhu, CEO, Certus+ Labs.

Sandeep Sidhu also shares an instance of successful implementation in the field of education for a US-based client where the team of Certus+ Labs architected a cloud based platform that helps students, educators, administrators as well as parents develop socially and emotionally. In contrast to the common scenario where most IT projects get over run,
Certus+ Labs completed the project within one third of the estimated time, and resulted in 20 percent saving on the budget. Developed in close alignment to the client's requirement for an economic and scalable solution, the platform boosted the growth of the organizations user base by 10 lakhs in six months which has further been doubling every six to nine months.

We do not consider our work done until the client organisation truly witnesses multiple growth and tangible manageable business benefits

What enables the firm to deliver such results is the Adaptive Execution Methodology,a DevOps approach innovated and perfected by Certus+ Labs where by the team breaks problems in two week cycle.

Every two week, the team sends a mission statement, after which they embark on the quest to achieve the goal. Once successfully achieved, the team gets together to retrospect on their approach, learning from their successes and failures. Interestingly, this approach has resulted in the three times greater productivity of the firm within a short time.

Starting off their operations in India with Mumbai in 2016, Certus+ Labs has successfully expanded to Delhi and Mohali within a short time and is at present, strengthened by 40 zealous members dedicated to innovating cutting-edge solutions. The firm is currently working with the United Nations, assisting them with their expertise to achieve zero hunger in the world. Certus+ Labs is also simultaneously working to develop innovative solutions for the education and healthcare domain in developing countries, and hopes to further continue associating with purpose-driven organisations.