Atgen Software Solutions: Delivering Novel DevOps Advisory & Consulting Services

CIO Vendor With an increase of data, processes, and automation, businesses are increasingly resorting to DevOps as the in-demand approach to modern software engineering. The adoption of this trend assists companies to minimize costs, deliver quality products, reduce time-to-market, shorten recovery time from service disruptions and continually deliver code without causing unintended issues. However, the transition to DevOps from traditional/ legacy software engineering approaches is a tedious process with each company possessing different requirements. Deviating from the 'one-size-fits-all' technique, New Delhi situated Atgen Software Solutions has a unique style of DevOps Consulting that ensures every client is facilitated with end-to-end support for the transition from current Software Delivery State to DevOps approach.

Driven to ensure high customer satisfaction, the company extends their DevOps offerings which are Analysis, Advisory, Design, Implementation, Support and Training across a broad range of industry verticals. Catering to each customer’s unique requirements, the team with their more than decade-long software industry exposure across the UK, US and Germany as consultants of a gamut of niche technologies designed a novel processes. With a set process in place, the team begins with understanding the client’s current systems, culture analysis and submits an effective report to the key stakeholders to inspect for improvements. This is followed by assisting Software Teams to move towards implementation of the plan in multiple phases. "Each phase shows the progressive journey with the realization of DevOps and of course improvements like Time to Market, Quality and a positive energy in Project Teams," informs Sagar Mehta, Founder of Atgen Software Solutions.

Additionally, Atgen is equipped with a Training wing. This sector supports Learning and Development and boasts of more than 80
clients in the last eight years. This center is armed with specialists possessing DevOps Practitioners Expertise with various Software Industry technologies. The Training Programs are designed with 70 to 80 percent hands-on session as the company firmly believes in 'learning by experience is the best approach. With this Atgen's ability to develop effective UI's & requirement based fit in products gives add on advantage to clients. "Bringing simplicity to over all Software Delivery Pipeline is our key goal as it results in improving efficiency and optimizing processes," adds Sagar.

Bringing simplicity to overall Software Delivery Pipeline is our key goal as it results in improving efficiency and optimizing processes

In conjunction with this another of Atgen's cutting-edge offering is the SKED Enterprise platform which in essence is a Continuous Delivery Engine with effective production operations. It has the capability of being an effective Continuous Integration Engine to trigger Build & Testing, Continuous Delivery Engine to perform multi-step releases and also effective production support engine by providing operations automation. "SKED has an edge as it does not require any external Database Management System (DBMS) to work effectively and is written in a way to provide stability to environments," reveals Sagar.

With the objective to accelerate software-driven business innovation,the team is currently working to enhance DevOps to incorporate AI, especially for Software Testing Lifecycle. Further more, Atgen envisions expanding their team and forging alliances with key DevOps partners across global regions.