BigStep Technologies: Addressing the Challenges of Integration and Implementation in DevOps

Niranjan Mangal, CEO

DevOps helps in integrating the entire software development functions within the same cycle right from development to operation. The DevOps methodology is gaining traction across enterprises and has become popular among operations teams and developers across all stages of software development life cycle. However, while enterprises are increasingly looking to adopt DevOps to accomplish integration and automation, the implementation of this methodology has been a challenging task.

This is where Gurugram headquartered BigStep Technologies comes into the picture with its programming skills in Python scripting. The company uses the language innovatively for DevOps by automating processes. This makes the operations seamless across all stages of the software development cycle, so that it can act as the best methodology to overcome the challenges, thus bringing changes to Continuous Delivery, Continuous Management and Automation. To tackle the integration issue and the overall architecture deployment and automation, BigStep not only makes use of Dockers, Containers and Jenkins but also AWS ECS, AWS CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and CodeCommit using the secure architecture under a custom VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and other security layers. This makes the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes effective and adaptive to constant change. The team also makes effective use of AWS CloudFormation Chef and Puppet that keeps the environment infrastructure code-ready for frequent deployments.
Since implementing DevOps is another major challenge, enterprises need implementation partners who can collaborate with them to deliver projects throughout the journey and not just a one-time vendor. A big aspect of designing and delivering projects on time for constant change is not just servicing an enterprise’s needs, but it should be done in such a way that when the issues occur repeatedly, they should be resolved more efficiently. BigStep ensures this by designing repeatable components, and not doing adhoc works or deployments just to get the job done.

Application Monitoring Tools to Obtain Deep Insights
BigStep Technologies collaborates effectively and skillfully with its customers for their DevOps requirements. The company specializes in DevOps with AWS, undertakes infrastructure planning, development and testing while ensuring security. Moreover, in order to obtain deep insights into the applications and environments, BigStep uses New Relic Application monitoring tools that help in providing progressive improvements to clients.

Secure and Self-Healing Environments
BigStep uses AWS ECS with Kubernetes and Docker to facilitate fast, reliable, secure and self-healing environments. It also uses best practices with Containers, Jenkins, API Gateway, custom VPC, and many other tools and services. The company’s timely delivery of solutions, security, quality offerings, and technical support makes it a preferred partner of enterprises and numerous start-ups.

BigStep’s DevOps offering includes Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code(IaC), microservices and monitoring. BigStep not only provides DevOps solutions and support but also provides Application Development Services. The company is currently working with one of its clients to build the CI & CD pipelines and automate the processes for new releases, infrastructure provisioning etc. BigStep’s expertise in building serverless applications with AWS Lambda and API Gateway enables it to build diverse newage DevOps solutions.