Opt IT Technologies: Accelerating Software Development through DevOps Consulting Services

Santhosh Mogili and Satish Narule

The DevOps space is evolving and growing at a rapid pace as customers are looking for new features and capabilities in software products every day. The need to deploy new features in any software product is extremely high as a feature that is released today becomes obsolete within a month.

To quickly deploy new features in any software product, it is imperative to test the features at a much faster pace. Thus software companies are emphasizing on the rapid iteration and automated testing, making DevOps an appealing market. Hence, it is crucial for software development teams to test the new features and capabilities using standard DevOps tools and practices in an effective testing environment.

Acknowledging these requirements, Bangalore headquartered Opt IT, through its DevOps Consulting services, provides a conducive environment to help organizations follow best DevOps practices that suit their business needs. The company also aids organi-zations in migrating from traditional software development methodology and monolithic architecture to Microservices based Architecture that not only helps in deploying new features and functionalities at a much faster pace through automation but also for better fault isolation, scalability and reusability.

Quick Detection of Errors and Automated Deployments
Opt IT through its Continuous Integration services enables quick detection of errors and its quality gates ensure that quality code is deployed into production. Also, the continuous Delivery services offered by Opt IT facilitates in enabling automated deployments to deliver features quickly without much of human intervention.

"Before providing DevOps consultation to organi-zations, we collect information on fundamental tasks of organizations such as their build and release cycles, backups, Application Performance Monitoring tools that are being implemented, bug fixes etc"

Monitoring Stack and Automated Alerting System
Opt ITwith its Migration services helps organizations migrate their applications and infrastructure stack to the cloud. This is done by identifying which cloud would be best suited for different end customers. After the migration, Opt IT deploys a monitoring stack to ensure that infrastructure and all the applications are proactively monitored. Later it deploys an automated alerting system that sends automated alerts to resolve at least 20-30 percent of the incidents automatically.

Secondly, Opt IT with its DevOps onboarding process focuses on how its customers are building and releasing the software in As-Is scenarios, and then provides them recommendations with automated continuous implementation and continuous deployment models. The company implements tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis etc. to automate the CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) process. As part of its DevOps consulting services, Opt IT works with its customers to understand their existing security posture and facilitates them to comply with standards such as SOC2, ISO27001 etc.

“We are planning to expand our operations in the US and would want to work with international customers across the globe,” conclude Santhosh Mogili and Satish Narule.