Relevance Lab: Helping Businesses Run Frictionless Managed Cloud IT Infrastructure using DevOps

Puneet Chaddah, Founder and director

In the rapidly changing business environment, software and operational processes become obsolete in no time, leaving businesses with no choice but to upgrade themselves to remain relevant in the competition. Bracing this change is not always easy; organizations often get caught up in sticky situation, where realizing the true transformation value seems rather impossible. Salvaging businesses out of this situation is the DevOps methodology that ensures proper execution of technology for smooth and successful digital transformation. However, the methodology alone is no guarantee for success; DevOps solution partner must fully understand the end goal the business wants to achieve vis-a-vis technology.

Positioned in this segment with a perfect under-standing of business technology needs is Relevance Lab, a DevOps solution partner. With its IT specialists team spread across US, Canada, India and Singapore, Relevance Lab has completed 25+ DevOps implementations for large enterprises and technology companies spread across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Relevance Lab has expertise with leading DevOps automation tools providers such as Chef, Ansible, Hashicorp and cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud etc. Relevance Lab has been working in the DevOps use cases in Infrastructure Automation, Configuration Management, and Continuous Deployment that leverages the benefits of "Infra-structure-As-Code", "Test Driven Development", etc. “Our focus is always on helping enterprises in adopting Cloud, the right way. We helped one of our clients in adopting hybrid cloud environment.
By leveraging our experience in Cloud and DevOps, we helped in reducing their overall infrastructure and application costs by 60 percent,” says Puneet Chaddah, Director and one of the founders of Relevance Lab.

“We are the specialized Cloud-IT managed service provider. First, using our expertise in ITSM, we bring in collaboration between different IT Ops teams. Second, we help them in realtime monitoring of all IT systems and provide proactive diagnostics. Third, to make IT operations efficient, we bring in BOTs driven automation to remove manual intervention for any mundane IT jobs,” said Puneet.

That is where Relevance Lab’s proprietary platform called ‘RL Catalyst’ comes into picture. Puneet added, “RL Catalyst Command Center acts as a cockpit for Service Desk teams as it integrates with all tools that monitor various IT systems such as Applications, Databases, Networking, Middleware, Infrastructure, Security systems etc. It integrates with all monitoring as well as ITSM tools such as Service Now, making it efficient for IT Ops team to manage their day-to-day operation, making sure the business service availability. Our RL Catalyst BOTs framework brings in library of 100+ prebuilt BOTs, helping IT Ops teams in their automation efforts by removing manual efforts in the mundane IT jobs.”

Relevance Lab has also built its proprietary “CASA” (Catalyst- Avoid- Self-Serve and Automate) framework that provides “smart IT incident ticket analysis” tool to reduce the “cost per ticket”. It provides a great value add as it improves the productivity of IT operations team tremendously. “For one of our enterprise clients, we have helped in reducing their managed services (infrastructure and applications) costs by 30 percent in a 3-year transformation program,” said Puneet.

The focus of Relevance Lab is on removing the frictions and increasing the business velocity for its clients with its cutting-edge solutions with a special focus on DevOps and Automation. Through its DevOps expertise, it ensures that its clients adopt the “right cloud” model and manage “Day after cloud” efficiently through managed services, leveraging real-time monitoring & remediation, automation; and with integrated into IT Service management (ITSM).